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August 3, 2017
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What Does a Wedding Ceremony Remind You of?

I don’t know about you but I must say that I have been a huge fan of weddings since childhood and as a matter of fact, it bothered me when for years, I did not receive any invite whatsoever to attend a wedding. I figured it was because I was still a teenager at the time. Thankfully, this year has presented me with an amazing opportunity to nurture my love for wedding ceremonies by granting me the opportunity to attend 8 weddings and gracious me, I enjoyed every bit of them.

Truth is, although I loved every second spent at these ceremonies, I can’t help but think about what this sudden change means to me and probably you as well. One moment, you are not ripe enough to be given an invitation to attend a wedding and the next minute, you are invited and must not miss the ceremony. I think to myself sometimes, is this a subtle reminder that I am no longer a kid? Is it possible that I might be next on the “to-be-wedded” list? Can I live up to the expectation of having such a ceremony? And finally, would I end up being wedded by the person I rank worth it, or might I end up glued to someone because of an inescapable circumstance?

I don’t know if you ever have these thoughts besiege you after you have attended a wedding ceremony and enjoyed every bit of it but it does happen to me. Well, I would like us to remind ourselves of some things we need to accomplish before we decide to tie the knot and get stuck with one person for life (This reality is quite frightening though lol).

First and foremost, do well to achieve a recognizable academic qualification of your choice. Thing is, I don’t want to be a high school dropout just because I need to get married. Gone are the days when men didn’t care much about the academic qualification of their wives. In this century, men care what their wives are and the last thing they want to do is to get stuck with a woman who cannot live up to their standards as far as education is concerned. Aside from that, you should identify the need to be satisfied with where you are as a woman before you decide on tying the knot.

Next thing we want to remind ourselves of is that every relationship we find ourselves in should be geared towards marriage and nothing else. Most ladies my age and above are still in a relationship with guys who they know clearly have no plans for them as far as the future is concerned. Babe, you need a man who can stomach your purpose and help you materialize them and not someone who would make you a slay queen today and a pity slave tomorrow. Wise up ladies, from now onwards, our relationships should be goal oriented.

Now that we comprehend the need to be self-reliant before we get married, we need to add value to ourselves. Truth is, our educational status alone is not enough to get us where we want to be and as a result, we need to go the extra mile to help ourselves. If we need to learn a skill, learn a trade or even take a catering class, let’s do it. After all, our main aim is to be fulfilled and not to depend entirely on our partners. Let’s strive to make our partners feel exceptionally gifted for committing to be with us.

Lastly, we need to be careful not to make the wrong choice as far as marriage is concerned. You know, some ladies agree to get married due to societal pressure. Please do not get into it if you know you are not ready because you would end up being the one to suffer its consequence and not those who pushed you into it.

Well, here’s what attending a wedding ceremony reminds me of. What do weddings remind you of or what lessons have you learnt from attending others’ weddings?  You can share your thoughts with all of us via the comments section or on our social media platforms so we can all get adequately prepared before we take this giant step. Who knows? The next wedding invitation I receive may be yours!



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