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March 10, 2016
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A View into the MedRx App

Technology is seen as the gateway to solving a lot of problems societies face at the moment. In the Health sector, a lot of breakthroughs have been made that have seen to better delivery of healthcare to people suffering from different ailments.


An example is the rise of mobile phone applications that provide platforms to allow easy access to information and health care services.

MedRx app is an interactive health platform for all users who have health needs. The app connects users to health personnel from various fields of practice including the hospital, pharmacy, laboratory and academia. In an interview with Surrey Richmond Laryea, the Finance Officer, he tells us more about the application, what it aims to achieve, and highlights some of its key features.


What inspired you to create this app?

There have been cases of lives lost as a result of people not being able to get access to medication. The unfortunate thing about this was, the drugs they needed were available but where to get them was the issue. This propelled the creation of the MedRxapp.



What does the app set out to achieve?

The app sets out to curb the problem of drug accessibility. This is to ease the sweats and frustrations associated with roaming from one pharmacy to the other in search of medication. Aside the main function, the app is set out to create the biggest health community where people can get proven solutions to common health problems from verified health professionals.


What is different about this app?

The app has four unique features:


Home – The Home tab houses the medication session feature, linking users to pharmacies where they can conveniently pick up their medications which are rather scarce on the market.

Medforum – Medforum is where all the questions and answers are displayed in reverse-chronological order. At the top right corner is the “Ask” button which allows you to post a question either as yourself or under an anonymous profile.


Search – Search is dedicated to locating Health facilities and personnel based on proximity. The health facilities tab is subdivided into Pharmacy, Hospital, Academia and Other. The Health Personnel tab is subdivided too from medical doctor to therapist to psychologist, and all of them have a list of verified and unverified professionals users can follow.


Any thoughts on ways technology can make our country and continent a better place?

Technology is the solution to most of the day to day problems we encounter as Africans. The downside is the lack of facilities and infrastructure to motivate the youth to develop the brilliant ideas they may have. MedRx is just one of the solutions Africa needs and the rest are all in this direction, using technology to solve problems in the simplest yet most effective way.


Interview by: Kwesi Otoo, threesixtyGh Writer

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