Monday Musings – Ending Child Marriages in Ghana
February 15, 2016
The Priest – Episode 1
February 16, 2016

The Return of Kweku Ananse

It was a bolt from the blue as the people of Kabiwe stared at this handsome man in his early 50s. He was once an eminent, smart and loving boy, and is now unknown in his own town after his disappearance 35 years ago. If someone ever told you its Kwaku Ananse, trust me you won’t believe it.

Walking into his mother’s compound, nothing seemed to have changed in his eyes with the exception of the veranda, which was not dusty but was covered with mortar instead.

“Agoo!” he screams. “Mother, where are you?”  As he got to the door, there was about to be a crash, but she pulls sideways and slips past her grown-up son in milliseconds.

Is that you? Ananse,” she asked, astonished. “Yes, Mother,” he replied.

His Mother jumped with excitement, and as tears of joy fell down her wrinkled cheeks, she screamed: “Eeei amanfoↄ mbra oh” (“My people, come oh”). Her cry and scream drew the whole village to her compound, with the crowd itching to know what was happening. She just couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing.

Operation Unified Response, Joint Task Force Haiti (JTF-Haiti), Bataan Amphibious Relief Mission

In the cool of the day, Kwaku Ananse began to narrate what happened to him before his disappearance and how he has been transformed into a new man.

”We were preparing to celebrate our annual festival when I left home to hunt for birds with my catapult and pluck some fruits. I didn’t intend to go far, but one colorful bird drove me into the wilds. I was close to hitting my target when I felt a jab in my left arm. It was a gunshot. It all happened so fast that in few seconds, I was unconscious.

I woke up days after in a wide, wooden hollow, surrounded by three white men and a black guy. I began to scream but was calmed by the presence of the black man, he told me they had saved my life and were not harmful. Soon after, I slept off again as the pill they gave me made me sleep.

Not long enough, I realized we were in a ship. I was being transported to a faraway land, somewhere I didn’t know of. Just as I was thinking, reality dawned on me and it made me sad. “It is going to take me years to see my family again”, I told myself.

I was unconscious in the forest in the new land. Their time was due to leave, but they didn’t know whom to contact and could neither leave me alone in the forest, so, they decided to take me along with them.

Months passed by and I saw an opportunity to be in school. My persistence gave me the opportunity to be enrolled in an elementary school, under the care of Mr. Wolman, a multi-billionaire and the owner of the ship.

He accepted to take care of me after he was told my story if I wished. I lived with his family for years and soon enough, my academic excellence won their admiration. Their satisfaction got them to enroll me a medical school where I studied to become a doctor.

After ten years of serving him, I decided to come back to my homeland and serve my people. This gave me a lot of joy. My decision to return was also influenced by the fact that our natural resources had made them rich.”

Author: Daniel Peprah, #360WritersChallenge Participant