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Farmerline – The Farmer’s Friend

Agriculture has always been considered the backbone of Ghana’s economy. Even with the discovery of oil, agriculture contributes a lot to the Gross Domestic Product. But little attention is paid to the agricultural sector. Farmers, the main stakeholders in the agriculture process, are let to suffer and do not have access to the necessary tools and information needed to enhance productivity. One of the things we can do to develop as a nation is to increase our agricultural productions so that we can feed the nation and get more for exports. One company that is helping farmers to increase their productivity is Farmerline, an agro-based content provider.

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Farmerline is a technology product company that uses technology via SMS and phone calls as a tool to enhance agricultural productivity and to liberate farmers from the hardship they go through in the farming process. The company does this by connecting farmers to ready markets, helping farmers to solicit for funds, providing them with information on the weather, and sharing new farming tips among several other things. With support from partners like The Indigo Trust, APPS4AFRICA, mfriday, AquaFish, Farmerline is able to support farmers and ensure that they improve productivity.

Farmerline n how is done

With the aid of an Outgoing Message, Farmerline allows agriculture workers to share information to farmers in a language of their choice. Agricultural stakeholders who want to conduct a survey can rely on Farmerline to provide a mobile survey tool that allows stakeholders to conduct surveys and view results in real time. Another cool product Farmerline offers is the In Coming Message feature that allows farmers to call Farmerline and access a variety of services. Farmerline is helping farmers and filling a great gap that has existed in the agricultural sector for a while.

In partnership with the Trans-African hydro Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and Delft University of Technology (TU-Delft) Farmerline is hoping to set up an on water and weather monitoring initiative that will see to the establishment of 40 new weather stations by 2016. This will have a major impact on how 10,000 Cocoa farmers cultivate their crops. Recently Farmerline joined the campaign against Ebola by sending out recorded voice messages on how to prevent Ebola to about 2000 farmers in 6 different languages. Farmerline was founded by Alloysius Attah and Emmanuel Owusu Addai. threesixtyGh is in support of anything company that helps to create a more green Ghana.


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