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June 19, 2017
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June 26, 2017

Shine the Light on What Deserves the Spotlight

There have been many times people have registered their displeasure on why a certain issue, topic and individual  may be getting attention, trending or  may have become a media sensation whether, through social media or mainstream media while in their opinion, others of such related stuff  which are more important have been left on the back burner.

But let us pause to ask ourselves a question; how do these topics, issues and people trend or get the attention of which some deem unwarranted.? It’s because, when we see or get these things, we quickly like to share with people in our contacts or friend lists on every social media platform. Truth is, a considerable number of us thirst for so-called bad news more than good news and positivity.

We all seem to have a great appetite for things that seem to destroy things or people rather than uplift. We are quick to click, listen, watch, read and share what we deem bad news or unnecessary news to have a discussion, spew hate or have a laugh.

What fascinates me the most is when we become surprised or worried when these same issues and people probably get national and sometimes international attention. We seem to forget we played a large contribution to being part of the problem. The cycle is very simple and fast, while you share the news with friends, your friends also share with other friends on WhatsApp or any other social media platform and by this; you are helping spread the so-called unwarranted news which you think does not deserve attention.

Quite frankly, it scares me sometimes, the quest and anticipation many have to see other people fall, fail or make mistakes so we can have a laugh at them. Our thirst for “bad news” so we can quickly jump on and share with people who probably may not have heard and most sadly our attempts to pull each other down to make ourselves feel better. But the main worry and question is; why can’t we channel that same energy into positivity, things and people who really deserve attention?

If something or someone deserves attention for its/their potential to cause change or probably inspire, you have the opportunity to shine a light on it/them using the platforms you have whether through social media or any other means.

Yes, bad news travels faster than good news, but I hope one day maybe not in my lifetime, we channel that same equal energy for “bad news” into spreading positivity as well as lifting people making a positive difference.

Side Note: It’s not mandatory to share anything you chance upon or someone sends, especially when you feel in your opinion it does not benefit society or is of importance. Now I know issues of bad or good news being relative arise with discussions of this nature but please rely on your discretion and conscience.


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