September 12, 2016
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September 16, 2016

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Since 2008, Uncle Ebo Whyte has been thrilling theatre lovers with outstanding plays which do not only entertain and relieve stress but teach and inspire their audiences.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Uncle Ebo’s latest play Sankofa. Sankofa, tells the story of a student who was failed by his professor because he fell in love with the professor’s daughter. It made me wonder if such things really did happen in real life, particularly in our universities here in Ghana.

As fate would have it, the young man in question eventually travelled abroad to continue his education and became a renowned professor who won a Nobel Prize.

Not only did I enjoy myself watching this play, but I also started thinking about institutions of higher learning in Ghana and how they tend to impede the development of talent.


There are a lot of brilliant students in our universities but due to some strange reasons some of these students don’t realize their full potential during their stay in university. It makes you wonder, what is the missing link?

Some lecturers in Ghana are happy to see their students fail exams. The education environment here can be stifling much unlike the environment outside Ghana which is usually enabling and favourable for students to find their path to fulfilment.

In the play, a daughter proved her father wrong that a life without mathematics is wasted. Ghanaian parents have the tendency of choosing “prestigious courses,” for their children when they are applying for university. Parents tend to impose on their children the courses they should study in university instead of allowing children to discover where their interests lie and go after it. Parents should allow their children to study courses that bring them fulfillment. It is not surprising that an average student who goes to further his education outside the shores of Ghana has a high probability of topping his class. This can be associated with the relatively better learning environment that they are exposed to as well as lecturers who have time for their students and follow their progress.

Many Ghanaian universities (usually public universities) lack innovative ways to maintain high education standards. Private universities on the other hand tend to go the extra mile to bring out the best in their students. A good example is Ashesi University. If better and innovative ways are applied in the teaching methods in our universities, then Ghana can maintain its “high education standard,” she has been boasting of.



I leave you with some inspiring words from this song played during the Sankofa play:

“There’s something inside of you so strong

When they insist you are not good enough

Look at their eyes and say you going to do it anyway.”

Never give up when you have been written off by your lecturers, peers or your boss.

Do your best. Study Hard. And Chase your Dreams. Believe in yourself. Strive for Success.

Article source: Kwesi Otoo

Image source:  Airtel & Pinterest

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