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Ride in Style with Bikes Made in Ghana – The Ghana Bamboo Bike Initiative

Let us start by sharing with you 5 amazing facts about bamboo:

  1. Bamboo is not a tree, it is actually a grass
  2. Bamboo grows on every continent except Antarctica
  3. Thomas Edison’s first successful light bulb used a bamboo filament.
  4. Alexander Graham Bell made the first phonographic needle out of bamboo
  5. More than one billion people in the world live in bamboo houses.

Ok, so why spread these amazing facts about Bamboo? The reason is simple, so that we can introduce you to an amazing initiative that uses bamboo in an innovative manner.

The Ghana Bamboo Bike is an initiative where bikes are built from bamboo for international exports and local use. These bikes can be used on roads of any such be it rough, smooth, paved or unpaved. The bamboo bike is peculiar because of its eco friendliness unlike other traditional bikes made of materials like steel and aluminum, which requires a high level of energy in production. The bamboo bike has a load bearing capacity slated around 500 pounds per square inch and a tensile strength of 28 000 newton’s higher than that of steel, which is 23,000 newton’s. If you think the bamboo bike couldn’t possibly have a strong shock- absorbing quality then think again because the bamboo bike has a natural damping that enhances its shock absorption ability giving the rider the comfort he or she deserves. The Ghana Bamboo bike is the first of its kind in Ghana and Africa as a whole. It takes about 40 hours to produce one bike.

One can clearly see that the Ghana Bamboo Bikes is a resurrection of the dead culture of bicycle riding in Ghana. Hence in order to sustain this trend, the Ghana bamboo bike will set up a bicycle library and a bamboo bike Academy. The main focus of the library will be to whip up public interest in using bamboo bikes. This will be done by allowing people to rent bamboo bikes from the bamboo library. The Bamboo Academy on the other hand will be the one stop place people can visit to learn how to repair bikes in case it develops any fault and how to effectively be a good rider. Students at the Bamboo Academy will also gain the necessary skills to get employed after they have completed their course. This will help solve the problem of graduate unemployment in the country. Bernice Dapaah is the brain behind the Ghana Bamboo Bike Initiative. She is a rising social entrepreneur and Global Youth Leader, conferred on her by the World Economic Forum.

The Ghana Bamboo Bikes is a good initiative that is helping to protect our environment, creating jobs and making life easier for Ghanaians. There is no better innovation than one that solves a problem and offers job avenues too. The bamboo bike qualifies to be accepted as one of Ghana’s greatest exports in recent times. Especially, when United Nation’s Secretary General- Ban Ki Moon rode on one. If you are considering buying a bike, we recommend you buy a bamboo bike not only is it cheaper, it is made right here in Ghana and offers an alternative from conventional bikes.

Visit their website to know more about the Ghana Bamboo Initiative.