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April 17, 2017
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April 27, 2017

Review of Blackmail-a Roverman Production

Uncle Ebo fed us yet again with an extraordinary play at the end of the 1st Quarter 0f 2017.

Roverman Productions have over the past few produced numerous plays that have not only gained a lot of followers over the years but have also taught these people valuable life lessons.

Uncle Ebo’s Latest play Blackmail involves Reverend Elisha, who on the eve of his consecration to the office of a bishop, received the shocking news that his wife has been cheating with a member of their church. To add salt to injury, before he could deal with this heart-breaking news, an even darker secret that was buried during his stay in the USA reared its ugly head.

His consecration and marriage all seemed to be coming to an end within a day. But with a good decision, the reverend was able to save both his career and marriage.

Upon hearing the news of his wife cheating, he didn’t give her the chance to explain herself but rather jumps to conclusion that the rumours were true. Little did he know that the news was fabricated by the reporter of the newspaper, who wanted to get more readers. Hence, she used the rumour as a gimmick to headline the story in the newspaper.

Not to give the whole play away ( so that you can catch it the next time its shows) We see the Pastor, a strong man of God being tested through his past dark secret and present marriage. This simply shows that every human can be faced with challenges and difficulties as well as tests from God that will prove our faith in him, even strong men of God cannot escape the trial. Also, no matter what we do, or who we transform into, the past always has a way of sneaking up on us.

The pastor is faced with a lot of difficult situations and decisions to make and we assume that he has stood on the pulpit many times preaching that marriage is a union between two people and as a married couple, trusting each other no matter the circumstances is very important. This is something we learn from the play  Blackmail.

Another strong lesson point for husbands in the play would be that in a crisis, a man finds his wife.

A big question that is left on the minds and hearts of many after seeing this well put together play will definitely be When a woman is faced with a situation that needs her strength in all areas to stand, what does she do? In Blackmail, we see the wife of the Pastor having to deal with a false allegation and a  husband who turns his back on her without hearing her out. It takes a strong woman to be able to overcome such a challenge and trial from God.

In conclusion, in Uncle Ebo Whyte’s voice, “The real impact of forgiveness is not felt by the offender. It is felt by the offended. Carrying an unforgiving heart is toxic, and is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Free yourself of this burden.”

When faced with such a situation what would your reaction be?