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January 11, 2018

Read this to be the GOAT this Year

A coin with a goat inscribed

Year of the Goat via BullionByPost

Contrary to the popular beliefs of those who do not know, the GOAT is not an animal—no, not goat—but rather the acronym for the Greatest Of All Time.

Greatness, we all know is a process. It takes time and the right attitude with consistency. The GOATs are the leaders in their fields of work; they are the facilitators, the influencers, the evolvement and development initiators, and the supporters. They are the answers to the prayers of humankind, not a liability. The desire to achieve greatness is inside of everyone, but what sets the GOATs apart from the rest of the world is their desire to do more than desiring greatness.

There is a belief that some people are born with greatness thrust upon them, while others are just not meant to be great. I absolutely disagree with this belief because realistically, there are practical steps and self-awareness practices everyone can take up to achieve greatness. Additionally, you also have to know what you enjoy doing, because that is where your passion is, and passion is the fuel in the car of hard work on the journey of greatness. Hard work alone is never enough.

Now the real question remains: How do I become the GOAT this year?

Be Deliberate about your Actions

Whatever you do, from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night, from conversations in the workplace to talking with your kids, from making new friends at school to inviting old friends to an event; you have to make sure you know what you are about, and everything should be carefully themed and steered towards what you want to achieve. Be self-aware. If you are the type who blabbers every time you open your mouth, make it a point to think before you speak, and pinch yourself hard when you fail at it. If you succeed, reward yourself with a bottle of coke. Self-mastery is one of the biggest traits of GOATs.

Be Open to New Knowledge and Experiences

It is said that to achieve something you have never had, do something you have never done. If you want to step out of your regular balloon, you have to deflate it and go find bigger ones. Take up that new class, let your teenage self-hang out with the sixty-year-old charcoal seller in your neighbourhood for at least a day. If you do not think differently, or have your mind stretched after that, you can sue me. What is my point exactly? All I am saying is we have incredible learning opportunities all around us which we should grasp. To be the GOAT you should have a wide spectrum of knowledge which most average people do not have. That knowledge can inspire you to birth something new to the world. Equally important is to have fun while at it.

Pay Attention to your Spirituality

If you have lived for nine years and beyond, you will feel there is more to us as humans and to our world than what we see. That is how we recognize our instincts, how refreshing genuine peace of mind is, our dreams when we sleep. Even the bonds that keep us together. How about Deja vus? These are the soft-spoken parts of us that need to be nurtured because, in a way, they guide us. This is another major trait of GOATs. Maybe it was Rosa Park’s instincts that told her to remain seated on that bus. Many people confuse religion with spirituality. Spirituality is within each and every one of us irrespective of our religion, whether Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism etc. Spirituality is the core of our inner beings and should not be neglected.

Be the Gold that Attracts Gold; If not, Chase it

GOATs are characterized by their relentlessness in being valuable, attracting elements of value and chasing elements of value. Either or. . . Neither nor. . . At the end of the day, whenever you think about them, value comes to mind. For those who are wondering what I mean by value, they are honesty, hard work, humility, work experiences, simple etiquettes, growing personal brands and of course Money! It is about not giving up. The universe does not make things easy so we can toughen up ourselves. Sometimes, you will not get a bag of candy placed directly in your hands. The candy is in a piñata. You have to beat up the piñata else, no candy for you! And GOATs understand that concept.

Just as Real Recognizes Real, GOATs Recognize GOATs

This is about our relationships with other people. It has been said so many times, it has almost become a cliché. Just like “Be yourself.” Both are equally vital to our positive growth. See, if you do not surround yourself with people who push you to be a better version of yourself, then you are slowly sinking into mediocrity. You cannot do it all on your own and you need a strong support system to be a GOAT. You should also know that just us is necessary for you to get support, you should also support others. GOATs know that they rise by lifting each other up. Never forsake the gathering of positive people, and people who strive to put their lives together.

Do Not Let Being a GOAT Make You Forget Your Humanity

Being human is incredible! Way more incredible than being a goat (always), and even a GOAT (yeah sometimes). The uncertainties of life we go through. The victories, and the defeats. The love that we all share, the addictions we fight, the tears we shed, the broad smiles that light us up now and give us wrinkles when we are eighty. All of it matters. I want you to know just being human in itself is a blessing!

. . .

My favourite GOATs are my parents, Michelle Obama, Anita Erskine, Oprah Winfrey, Anne Frank, Thomas Edison, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, just to name a few. Who are your favourite GOATs? Let me know.