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A Photo with Afriyie – The Untold Story

“If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect” – Steven Johnson

During my recent trip to Kumasi, I was amazed when I met Clifford Afriyie on KNUST’s campus.

This young man, who is one of the shining lights in the Photography industry, had concocted an idea to capture memories of people in a booth. This was no means your ordinary photo booth, it was more than that; a photo booth welcomes friends and loved ones with an exclusive atmosphere that can make you fall in love again and again.

In these words of Clifford Afriyie, I will share with you the hidden story behind “A Photo With Afriyie.”



To be honest, it kind of just happened. I’ve been reading three books simultaneously by one of my favorite authors Bernadette Jiwa – Meaningless, Make Your Idea Matter, and Difference, respectively.  She’s a great woman and one of the best consultants when it comes to business strategy and brand story-telling. In her book, she put in some key strategies as to how to make an idea matter and I think that’s how this little idea came up.

There’s a truth about fairs and photo-booths. Over the years, I’ve seen very dormant photo-booths at REPU. I wanted to create an experience. I didn’t want to make a booth. I wanted to create a feeling. I wanted to change how people saved their memories at REPU. With my knowledge from Bernadette’s book, I put a little team together to visualize the idea.

A Photo With Afriyie – is simply an experience. It’s not just a photo-booth but a photo-booth that should keep people coming for more. That was our intention. Creating something that was so fun and exciting that even those who have already been there would want to come again and again.

With design and the entire look of the booth, we wanted to simply create difference and make it easier to matter to people. We wanted people to see our booth and suddenly become curious as to what is going on. The pegging of the photos was basically to drag the curious minds closer. We didn’t want to convince people with words but with the beauty of the portraits.

People fall in love with your story much easier than they fall in love with reasons why you think your service might be better than someone else’s. People are sold to difference and that is what we did and it WORKED!

I can boldly say we didn’t run at a loss at all. We made profit from the proceeds and I am thinking of a bigger event with this idea right now, but there’s no rush. It’s a challenge I put to myself and I am glad by grace our efforts weren’t futile.

Just be on the watch out for the next event from the corner of Clifford Afriyie.

We bring you some memories captured with “A Photo With Afriyie” below.

Interview By: Kwesi Otoo, threesixtyGh Writer