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March 14, 2017
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Oh! Mr. Gabby- My Potential Landlord and Real Estate Woes

“Oh! Mr. Gabby…” was all I could say at 7:00 am that Wednesday, 22nd February after the grumpy man with very little tolerance stomped on my heart with bitter disregard.

“Learn the system. Know the system. Understand the system,” was what they told me before I made my return to Ghana and I promise you, this incident, was the last phase of learning the system because of Mr. Gabby. That Tuesday morning, Mr. Gabby taught me some valuable lessons!

Mr. Gabby taught me that indeed cash is king on this land and why you should never hesitate when you see something you like.

On Tuesday, 21st February, I expressed to Mr. Gabby, my landlord-to-be, just how much I loved my soon-to-be apartment. An apartment I had seen two weeks back but was skeptical because of its location, next to a gas station. After a second look and some persuasion from my assistant, I was sold and Mr. Gabby could care less.

“Okay, I will send it after my meeting at Parlament na,” was his response when I called him numerous times that Tuesday to request the contract.

That evening, I was so excited and anxious I barely slept. I was moving on up, yes to the east side. My swanky manhattan style apartment was reminiscent of an apartment on the east side of Manhattan, New York, directly opposite the famous Central Park.

The next morning:

“Oh! Mr. Gabby, you didn’t send the contract. I’m still waiting ooh.”

“Oh! Madame. It is no more available. Last night someone came and paid me for the place. They brought the money. You know it is about the money,” he said with a chuckle as my heart took a nosedive.

Mr. Gabby counting is money.

“Oh! Mr. Gabby! Mr. Gabby, how? Why?” were all the words I could get out. I was numb because in my head I had already packed and moved.

“Mr. Gabby, but I wanted the place. I told you I wanted the place and you didn’t send me the contract. I would’ve paid if I had the contract.”

“Madame, I know but he brought the money. It is about the money.”

“Oh! Mr. Gabby, how can you do me like that? But I would’ve brought you the money if I had the contract.”

This was the conversation with Mr. Gabby, which made me want to jump in front of incoming traffic on Spintex road and die.

How could Mr. Gabby give up my penthouse overlooking Achimota forest, my version of Central Park. My swanky upper east side pad. How?

The worse part is that I had told my mom I found a place and was moving that weekend. Till date, Mr. Gabby has not checked or responded to my sympathy plea message I sent via What’s App the morning of the incident.

Mr. Gabby enjoying Jollof and not having a care as he overlooks my what’s app message.

“Mr. Gabby, I was really excited about the place. How can you break my heart.” Funny thing was, I expected him to care. What was I thinking?

Meanwhile, Mr. Gabby could care less about my heart and emotions. Which made the situation even worse. Could I at least get an apology to ease my pain or see the blue tick next to my What’s App message. Nope!

As badly as I want to blame Mr.Gabby, I can’t. I hesitated and as a business man, he had to do what he had to do.

Today, I am thankful for Mr. Gabby and all of the lessons he taught me. I’m thankful for the ruthless businessman that he is because of him, I know and have learned the system a bit more, although, I still do not fully understand the system.

Business is not personal and should not be taken personally! Another great lesson from the Oga Mr. Gabby.


WRITER: Akosua Akyere – threesixtyGh Contributor

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