August 21, 2015
Lessons from the Spider
October 6, 2015

National Treasure Unleashed

Every day, there is a battle between the brave and the timid, the predator and the prey, light and darkness. It’s an unseen, never-ending battle because both sides refuse to relinquish their power.


Every time I walk through the streets of Ghana, I see several faces. On these faces, I see fear, anxiety, despair, for others I see glimpses of hope and a flaming desire to change their current circumstances which is by no way their fault. In their eyes, I see a burial ground for dead dreams, dying hopes; petrified wishes, again for others I see dreams that are yet to be accomplished.  The truth is that everybody is looking for something to believe in.  There is always this one thing that makes us want to go through the extra mile.

Yesterday, as I walked briskly past the Ashaiman (one of the municipal areas in Accra) main station, I saw a large group of people gathered around a man. From what I could see, it was a man who had the ability to heal the sick. Apparently, he had already healed a blind man and was attempting to heal a crippled man. Whether it was pure fallacy or it was a true act of faith I would not know. But what struck me was the number of people standing there. Bus drivers stopped working, food vendors stopped selling, and even the street evangelists turned off their microphones and tapes to watch a miracle.


We find ourselves in a society where its citizens are paralyzed by its affairs. They are crippled by their fear of not succeeding. The vast majority do not even know what is right and will move where ever the flow is. This is not a question of who should be held responsible for the state of our society. It is a question of whether we are ready to stand for our nation positively. We have on numerous occasions failed to acknowledge the treasure of this country. The treasure which holds the answers to questions.

The people are the strength. The people are the power. The people are the nation’s greatest strength. We are the national treasure. So why then are we struck down by poverty and sickness? Why do we allow greedy personalities of power to plough us down? Why do we not do what has to be done? Ghana is a country of wealth abounding from region to region. Culture so rich it makes others jealous. Our strength is in our numbers and unity. We are our country’s greatest treasure. It is time we do what has to be done.


Take you back into history and you will acknowledge that ancient Ghana was a beautiful country, powerful, strong, mighty and rich in all senses. When ancient Gold Coast took the modern name Ghana as theirs, they hoped to inherit everything that name stood for. Ghana is over fifty years old yet we cannot boast of any significant change in development even if we use ancient Ghana as a yardstick. We are the same place we were fifty years. I ask you is that what you want? I guess your answer is No. The moment is now, time for you to accept that the treasures of this country is not gold, nor diamond, nor bauxite but you and me, the citizenry of this great country in Africa.

Most of my colleagues have traveled abroad to pursue academia and others an illusion called the  American dream, plus  money, fame and what have you. They ask me constantly why I choose to remain here. It’s not just because this is my home, it is because I love this country and I have a duty to try and make things better. It’s our country. We are the treasure. Believe that.

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