Monday Musings: Holding Kennedy Accountable
August 15, 2016
August 24, 2016

Life Buoy by Nana Yaa Asante-Darko

Life Buoy

Lead-heavy sighs break my back

and make me crouch

I hug myself

but it isn’t enough

My arms aren’t strong enough to lift

this delusion of depression

It is in the air that I breathe and it fills the alleys in my body

I shiver now and again

Sorrow has her cold grip on my heart

and she weighs me down as


as a lead weight around my ankles

to ensure that my death sentence is carried out

by the Chief Executioner without fail

or Chance for any of Fate’s miracles

I sink slow and fast

too slow for Death and too fast for Life

Death wants to be done with this case

while Life keeps on sending in




then on Death’s blind side

she throws in a Life Buoy

hoping it would find me in this

undulating sea of confused emotions

She puts it on a radar of love

intending it to find me

and hold me

and stroke my hair

and whisper into my ear

‘You’re not alone’

before I hit rock-bottom.

Poet: Nana Yaa Asante-Darko, threesixtyGh

Image Source: Google

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