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February 5, 2015
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Let’s Hang Out – Beaches Worth Considering!

It has now become the order of the day for people to visit a beach as a form of recreational activity. Going to the beach offers one a great opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. Over the years a lot of these awesome beaches in Ghana has been poorly managed and sometimes misused by people. But a few has stood the test of time and still offers the general public a mouth- watering experience whenever they yearn  for a desire to have fun. Some of these lovely beaches are Beyin Beach Resort known locally as BBR, Sankofa Beach House, Busua Beach Resort, Labadi beach hotel, Bojo Beach, Axim beach among several others. We want to share with you some awesome facts about these beaches before you decide on where to spend to next your next vacation.

Busua 2Known as BBR for short, the Beyin beach resort is located in Axim a six hour drive from Accra. The beach was shortlisted as the 18th best beach in Africa in 2012 when CNN released her 25 best beaches in Africa. The beach is very clean and has a serene environment for relaxation.  Beyin beach resort is peculiar because it has a Turtle Conservation program that allows visitors who lodge at its Green Turtle Lodge to partake in turtle conservation activities. Visitors get the rare opportunity of assisting in the gathering of eggs, watching of hatcheries and eventually releasing baby turtles into the sea. BBR is not far from Nzulelu and Ankasa Nature Reserve which is one of Ghana’s tropical Rainforest. Beyin beach resort is a great place to visit if you want to kill two birds with one stones.

LABAVAnother beach worth considering is Busua beach hotel – one of the three Golden Beaches in Ghana. Busua beach can be located at Agona Ahanata about 4-6  hours drive from Accra. The beach has five nice accommodation facilities that will meet your needs key among them are the Ocean View Double, Ocean View Single and Beach Front Twin. Busua beach hotel will also spice up your stay with some of their facilities such as  Abokwa which is a private island swimming pool which overlooks the sea. The Ghanaian Village Restaurant which is just one of several different restaurants in Busua beach will serve you the finest Ghanaian Cusine. The Ghanaian Village Restaurant is a typical Ghanaian village hut with a thatched roof depicting the rich culture of Northern Ghana.

Sankofa BeachSankofa  Beach House is the  right place for corporate organizations that will love to take their workers out for a treat. Located on the outskirts of Accra, it will take you only 50 minutes to arrive at Sankofa Beach house to commence your relaxation experience. Sankofa beach house has been designed as the place for “critical thinking, creative happiness and wellness”. Sankofa is a great place for a getaway and a place not far from home. The beach house has a clean beach at Lagma Village, a three bedroom guest house, a large summer hut, a wifi internet access among a host of several great facilities.

Busua 3

Now the dice has been cast, were do you want to relax is it Bejin beach hotel, Busua beach hotel, Sankofa beach House or any of the great beaches we are yet to unveil. Your choice is as good as ours, feel free to share your experience with us any time you visit these beaches.

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