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March 31, 2016
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The Importance of Writing Creatively

Today, threesixtyGh held its second creative writing series with level 100 students at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). The event was a two-part workshop organized by Nathaniel Alpha, a level 200 student at GIJ and content creator for the innovation platform. As a second year student, Nathaniel felt it was important to provide incoming students with an experience that will last a lifetime as they begin their quest to create meaningful content.


Creative writing has transformed over the years and the series helped students to become aware of the many available outlets and opportunities used to tell and share stories creatively.

Present at the workshop was Laurie Frempong of Blogging Ghana, playwright and author Latif Abubakar, Martin Egblewogbe of the Writers Project of Ghana, and Sandister Tei from Wikimedia Ghana User Group. Each guest lecturer provided insight into one of the various outlets used today to express creativity.

The event began with an address from Nathaniel followed by Rita Kusi, MD of threesixtyGh. She spoke about their upcoming 2016 #360WritersChallenge, which is set to launch this June. Rita also urged the students to get involved in creative storytelling by joining threesixtyGh.

Blogging and Social Media

IMG_9962Laurie spoke about the difference between blogging and writing, as well as, the importance of using social media as an effective tool to promote your brand to a global audience. The female students were in awe once they discovered that Laurie was also a model who used social media as a way of increasing her visibility and global appeal.

Drama and Stage Plays

Latif was quite engaging with the students and seemed to be in his element.

“The world now is a creative world. Without creativity, you cannot survive.”

Was a quote from the playwright, which seemed to resonate in the minds of the students. They listened eagerly as Latif spoke about the process of scriptwriting and how he started off with no experience as a creative writer. His stage plays are now some of the most popular and frequented dramas in Ghana.


Global Online Storytelling

Sandistar spoke about Wikimedia Ghana and their role as storytellers. The organization has been contributing to the growth of Wikipedia by sharing stories and content from Ghana that are easily accessible by the global community.

Traditional Literature (Offline)

Our last speaker, Martin of WPG, talked briefly about the traditional style of writing and why it is still very much relevant. He also shared their monthly reading series and spoke of the brilliant African writers they have had so far for the series.

Some of the questions that were asked included: how one could start their own blog, audition to be part of a stage play, and social media dos and don’ts.

All in all, over 300 students benefited from the two-part workshop, which provided a wholesome outlook on the many ways we can tell our own stories. The event ended with a vote of thanks from one of the students who, on behalf of her peers, was appreciative of the workshop and wanted to express herself.


The workshop series at GIJ is a project by lecturer David Dankwa and threesixtyGh with a mission to provide students with a well-rounded creative writing experience during their time at the institution. We are hoping for more involvement in the coming semesters so stay tuned.

Thank you Blogging Ghana, Writers Project of Ghana, Wikimedia Ghana, and Latif Abubakar for participating.

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Author: Akosua Akyere, threesixtyGh writer