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Ghana’s Priceless Gem in the IT World- Regina Agyare2 min read

There are many dreamers, believers, and visionaries who continue to sleep with their dreams and then there are the very few, with a desire, who actually wake up in pursue of their dreams. Regina Agyare is among the very few; a bold and priceless gem the country can boost about in the technology ecosystem. Regina is a young female travelling on a road seldom travelled by a lot of women and using her passion, hard work, and dedication to contribute to the society in quite a unique way.

In 2005, Regina graduated from Ashesi University, and was considered one of the best software developers from the school. In 2012 she founded Soronko Solutions, an organization that has made it their priority to use technology to drive human potential for societal benefits. Regina represented Ghana on the Apprentice Africa program, a Global Shaper representative of the Accra hub at the world economic forum, and a change leader for the Tigo Reach for Change program.

regina work

Regina Agyare began her career working for an International bank in Accra, not only as the first but also the only woman in the IT department. She later left to work for a smaller institution creating software before leaving to focus on her own endeavors.

Her company, Soronko Solutions is a Ghana-based software development powehouse that uses technology to drive human potential. In addition, Regina started the Tech Need Girls movement, which teaches young girls how to code and to use technology to solve problems. She is also leading her company to develop an application that will make life comfortable for the disabled in society.

tech need girls

When you look at Regina Agyare, you are looking at the pictorial view of the adage that”What man can do, women can do better.’’ Indeed Regina has done better and has become a force to be reckoned with in the IT ecosystem. We celebrate Regina Agyare and we encourage her to continue to do her best to help underprivileged girls. Because Tech need Girls and Ghana needs Regina.

Vanessa Amoako
Vanessa Amoako
Vanessa Amoako is a full-time graduate student studying International Relations and Diplomacy, a teaching assistant, and the editor-in-chief at siro360. She describes herself as an eternal student and advocate for youth education and is always on the quest for knowledge. With a deep love for writing and a burning passion for creating social change, Vanessa channels her energy into uncovering the often-unexplored truths about Ghana and Africa and telling the African story from the perspective of an African. When she is not teaching, studying or being a superwoman, you can find Vanessa volunteering at a local school, writing creative non-fiction pieces and short stories, reading, listening to the news, recording professional voiceovers or traveling. She is a lover of sunshine, culture, books and locs (dreadlocks)!
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