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Ghanaians Whose Autobiographies Are Long Overdue5 min read

There’s been the argument that Ghanaians don’t like to read. Whether that is true or not is really an argument for another day. Whatever be the case, Ghanaians do love to read The Bible, Devotionals and most importantly the autobiographies of prominent people in society. Here are a few Ghanaians who need to get their biographies written already.


Isn’t it about time the most interesting and controversial, and still very active Former President has an autobiography out already? We think so too!!! With all the myths, stories, scandals and speeches by and about this great man, he probably would earn much more money than any other Ghanaian President to write a book. We really want to know how he came from nowhere and caused a stir in Ghana and it’s always best to hear from the horse’s own mouth, or in this case, the horse’s own writing. It would be amazing to read the autobiography of Jerry John Rawlings affectionately known as PAPA J! After Former President John Dramani Mahama’s successful book – My First Coup D’etat – we hope Papa J will take a few tips from there.


Dr. Mensa Otabil

Here is an interesting and recently controversial man whose autobiography would also be a total hit if or when he decides to put it together. If you have listened to his preaching and read any of his books or heard his latest clap back, you would come to realize the man really has a way with words. We want to know all about his humble beginnings, journey with God and his skill in being a Chancellor of the first private university in Ghana – Central University College.


Gifty Anti

Of course, we can’t leave the ladies out of this one and who better than Gifty Anti. When it comes to journalism personalities and a voice for women‘s rights, Gifty Anti is a huge force to reckon with. A true definition of an African woman defying the odds and breaking the rules. We’d love to hear all the secrets and tips on how to be a media personality and stand tall against all the critics. And of course, how our ears itch to hear all about the royal wedding!


Dr. Joyce Aryee

Here is another female personality whose biography we would be excited to read.  The Former Minister now turned Reverend is someone a lot of people have so much respect for.  With her experience in the business sector, as a management and communication consultant and over 40 years plus working experience, there is so much that young budding entrepreneurs can learn from her. We love to hear her speak and would definitely love to read her biography. 


Abedi “Pele” Ayew

When it comes to the world of Sports in Ghana, who better than the legend, Abedi Pele? With a successful football career and a former captain of the Black Stars, there definitely should be some form of documentation of this legend’s life. With two sons in the same career, doing exceptionally well, a biography is long overdue for this sports legend.


Reggie Rockstone

You cannot talk about the history and evolution of Ghanaian music without mentioning the one and only Reggie Rockstone, popularly known as the Grandpapa of Hiplife music in Ghana. In many music history books and classes, his name and career are brought to light and highlighted as very significant. We want to know about his first fifteen minutes of fame as a dancer and how he has managed to still look like a 30-year-old whilst running very successful and popular pubs in the country. We would also like to have an inside tale to his music career journey and why he joined VIP – now VVIP. Someone tell the grandpapa that the kids are by the fireside waiting to read his book, please!


Charlotte Osei

Here is a Ghanaian woman who has taken more jabs in such a short period than any Ghanaian personality but still holds on to her position and smiles at the camera. Her cool composed nature is definitely enviable and we want to know more about her and her rise to become the Boss of our Electoral Commission.


Nana Aba Anamoah

Of course, we need her autobiography!!! There is no doubt about that. In recent times, Nana Aba has been described as the most watched news anchor in Ghana and as someone who elevated the job of a news anchor in different ways. She has proven that they don’t always have to be the ones to deliver news but can also be the news. She has also been able to create a very enviable image for herself and has shown that news anchors can be multifaceted beings. There’s so much the younger generation can learn from this lady and there’s no better time to have the autobiography than now.

So there you have it; 8 personalities in Ghana whose autobiographies are long overdue.

What are your thoughts? And are there any other personalities you’d like to add to the list/ comment below and let’s get interactive!



Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth is a passionate about the arts with an interest in education.In her spare time , she can be found reading or cooking. With a degree in English and music she has dreams of becoming a proffesional in research academia and written media.
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