February 15, 2017
February 17, 2017


Nobody is perfect and neither are Ghanaians! Our dear country has seen 60 years development of society! However, here  are a few things we just can’t seem to stop no  matter how old we are!!!here are some of the dumbest things Ghanaians know shouldn’t do but still do ;


Believe it or not, Ghanaians still vote based on ethnicity and tribe! People still vote officials into power without considering their competence or qualifications. If you are Ghanaian, I bet you’ve heard people boisterously affirming that they voted for someone because that person is ‘from my village’, ‘my tribe’, ‘my religion’ and even in some cases because that person ‘is handsome’, yep you read right, ‘Handsome’! It’s okay to support your own but consider their capabilities and what they plan to achieve for the community and country!


 It’s okay to assimilate other cultures after all those we normally copy are perceived to be advanced both culturally and socio-economically and there’s no harm in it. But it becomes quite unbearable when we copy the negative aspects knowing very well how wrong it is. A typical example is using a Locally Acquired Foreign Accents a.k.a “LAFA” when you’ve never left the borders of our dear country .Who are you trying to deceive my brothers and sisters?



Sometimes I wonder how it all begun, it’s very common for Ghanaians especially men to pee in the open. They just take it out and pee either on walls or in gutters. Just because you turn your back and face the wall does not hide the shameful act! The most depressing part of it all is the fact that people of different backgrounds do it; whether they are literate or not. It’s like a norm and I bet a majority of Ghanaians reading this are guilty!



Now everyone is guilty of this. We are so used to throwing rubbish anywhere to get rid of it so much so that for some its second nature. At the age of 60, we are still doing adverts with celebrities telling us to keep our streets clean o television and its seems we love to the exact opposite.

The dumbest part of this awful situation is when people throw rubbish out of ‘trotro’ or moving vehicles instead of leaving it in the car. Don’t you think it’s more sensible to drop it inside the car instead of outside?


5.Time.Now  I am positive every Ghanaian knows of GMT right? Yep, the ‘Ghana Man Time.’ It’s really difficult to get everything right on time in Ghana especially when everyone has a different interpretation of time. Just imagine agreeing to meet up with someone at 9:00 am and they show up at 9:30 am, whenever I agree to meet up with someone and the person is late, in my mind I see the person leaving wherever they are at the time we agreed upon to meet instead of leaving earlier. And it’s very common when you ask a majority of Ghanaians what time to meet up, you will hear something like; “okay let’s meet around nine..nine thirty, ten?” sounds like a question not an answer! Time is one of the most precious treasures in the world; you can’t go back in time to get that once in a lifetime business deal or talk to the crush that could have been ‘the one’ just because you were late. We can check the time on our phones and almost everyone has a phone these days so use it wisely!

WRITER- Mina Nana Yaa- threesixty writer./contributor.

IMAGES- Google.

Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth is a passionate about the arts with an interest in education.In her spare time , she can be found reading or cooking. With a degree in English and music she has dreams of becoming a proffesional in research academia and written media.
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