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January 10, 2018
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January 11, 2018

My First Sex Experience

The Early Morning via El Carna

Usually, most people would love to hide behind the scenes and would rather not indulge in sex talks or how they live their sex lives. Nobody likes do that. Perhaps, it’s just the society I find myself in.  No one loves to talk about their personal sex life, yet they always seem to have their interest peaked when it involves other people.

I’m taking off the veil today to indulge you in my sex life, specifically my first sex experience.

I was young and naive. I grew up in a home where parents provided everything one needed to make life good. Life was indeed really good. Just as the Psalmist said in the famous Psalms 23: “I lay down in green pastures and never lacked.”

Despite never really lacking, there was that but in my life which was a curious manifestation of something I lacked. I was not getting any younger. I knew I had to come up with an escape plan, but there was none. Senior High School was dawning on me. Fortunately, some family members convinced my parents not to homeschool me but rather to send me to school; a good school.

This was pure joy in my heart and music to my soul.

One thing I never had in real life was the bond of friendship. So, I was quick to join an association of friends and we began our escapades together. In the early years of our enormous ship, friendship was a quiet and lonely one for me. I couldn’t join my friends in any of their adventures outside of campus. I was caged in a teacher’s bungalow; the saddest part of my four years in Senior High.

The university admission list came in some few months after we ended our WASSCE exams. There were laughter and happiness in my home; my dad was proud of me for clinching one of the top courses in the university, my mum decorated the dining room with her handiworks of assorted foods. She never disappointed.

Fast forward to some days later, the time came for me to go to the university. I had never been that happy before as I packed my luggage from my room into the car. On entering my room for the last of the luggage, daddy followed me and handed over a small bag—like a briefcase—and uttered the words:

“Son, you are growing and you are going to the university. I don’t doubt the fact that you would come across females. You are intelligent. Take this bag, it contains books on sex-related topics, including how to have sex, how to fully appreciate the body of a woman and much more.”

I kept my smile in me as he continued:

“Son, I’m aware you are a virgin and you don’t have any experience in the sex industry, that’s why I have given you these books. Our white man said, if you want to hide anything from a black man, put it inside a book. Son! Everything you need to know is here for you.”

As a good son and the good reader that I was, I took no chances in downplaying my hopeful and exciting future. I believed that was all I needed to woo a lady or better still, to please a lady in bed. I equipped myself with all the necessary details from the preface to the last sentence in the books. I knew I was ready! I had to be!

The time to prove myself came when I met Ama Brobbey who seemed to have found some affection for me.

From the onset, I declined. I stalled in making any further advances; I had been told to focus on my education, right? It took the unending efforts of my peers to convince me of the true mission. The peer pressure yielded; I found myself visiting Ama often and we interacting more and more. So one thing led to another; there was the proposition and there was the acceptance. And we came to it at last! Abstinence from pre-marital sex was never found in any dating curriculum provided by our alumni. Case in point: the doorway to Ama was open and nothing held me back. Into the depths, I went!

Trust me, it was a novice against an expert. As for who the novice was, well. . . Does it really matter?

Irrespective of how I applied whatever I had read in the books, Ama didn’t move an inch. She lay down just smiling at me like I had been doing nothing for the past one hour. Then she finally said to me: “Lie down and let me ride you.”

With my back on the bed, Ama made me feel whatever my parents did to put me in my mother’s womb for the first time in my life. I had never tasted such glory before. It was an awesome experience.

Siesta via El Carna Studios

Today, though Ama and I are no more, I’m always grateful when I remember what she has done for me and how she helped shaped my sexual life, for it wasn’t once we had sex but a several numbers of times. I lost count too. Oh yeah, I used to count till I couldn’t account for the number of time we had sex anymore.

Today, I don’t know whether I should be grateful to Ama or not, but whatever it is, Ama still remains in memory.

. . .

Whew! I thought I wouldn’t be able to gather the zeal to finally make up my mind to let the cat out of the bag. You can too.