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October 9, 2014

Educating a New Generation – Ashesi University2 min read

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Fred Degbe Jr. (Founder of Heel the World), Regina Agyare (Founder of Soronko Foundation), Charles Kojo Buckner (Ghana 1000 Project Developer), Derry Dean Dadzie (CEO of Dreamoval), what do all these people have in common? Take a closer look and tell us what they have in common. They are all successful young Ghanaians and graduates of a university, which seeks ‘’to educate a new generation of ethical entrepreneurial leaders in Africa, to cultivate within our students the critical thinking skills, the concern for others, and the courage it will take to transform a continent.’’

The school in question is Ashesi University a private, not for profit, non-sectarian institution. Established in 2002, Ashesi which means “Beginning” in the Akan dialect, has indeed been the hub for the beginning of great minds and great things that have happened and are yet to happen in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Ashesi University currently offers a four-year undergraduate program in Business Administration, Management Information and Computer Science.

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In 2015, the university hopes to add engineering to its undergraduate programs. At the end of 2013, Ashesi University has produced about 530 graduates who are blazing a trail in their various field of endeavor. The educational sector in Ghana is indeed thanks in part to Ashesi University for raising the bar. According to the University there are seven ways in which they influence Africa: 1. Improving Ghana’s public university system 2. Changing Government’s definitions of quality education. 3. Sparking national conversations about ethics and ethics education 4. Offering free professional development and support for African universities. 5. Advising other start-up universities 6. Modelling an environmental sustainable campus. 7.Pioneerimg workshops rolled out across Africa.

Ashesi University can be described as the only university in Ghana that really serves the needs of society and instead of adding to graduate unemployment is rather decreasing graduate unemployment. Ashesi University is located at Berekuso, 1 University Avenue.

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Fun Fact
Ashesi University has an examination honour code, which stipulates that students write examination with no supervision from an Invigilator and no cheating or so ever from the students. The examiner just walks into the hall distributes the questions and walks outs. Students then write their exams refraining from cheating.

For more about  the school visit Ashesi  University.

Vanessa Amoako
Vanessa Amoako
Vanessa Amoako is a full-time graduate student studying International Relations and Diplomacy, a teaching assistant, and the editor-in-chief at siro360. She describes herself as an eternal student and advocate for youth education and is always on the quest for knowledge. With a deep love for writing and a burning passion for creating social change, Vanessa channels her energy into uncovering the often-unexplored truths about Ghana and Africa and telling the African story from the perspective of an African. When she is not teaching, studying or being a superwoman, you can find Vanessa volunteering at a local school, writing creative non-fiction pieces and short stories, reading, listening to the news, recording professional voiceovers or traveling. She is a lover of sunshine, culture, books and locs (dreadlocks)!
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