January 27, 2017
January 30, 2017


This room is big

It has great doors and large windows

The doors are ajar, you must know

Everything comes in and all are allowed to go out

The room is painted red

It’s without lights

And the sun shines when it’s not dozing off

A star needs a siesta from time to time

Because life is long

And it’s not easy to run in circles.


On the wall is a portrait of a young black woman

She has a shock of blue eyes and obedient blond hair

Her lips are twisted in a wicked smile

That looks ready to break into a frown

There is longing in her eyes

There is need in her silence

She is a forgotten story

Discarded like a paper boat in a pool

She can only be seen when the merciful sun is not asleep


A table stands in the corner

It gives everything

And it expects nothing in return

A manuscript with an invisible title lies on it

The wind blows strongly

The window shows it the way

It lifts those sacred pages

And transports them to the tiled floor

It falls like a leaf mocking gravity

It opens to page 69

The last words there say

Do it for the love of it

And see what you’ll become.


Written by Kwaku GyamfithreesixtyGh  writer and Contributor

Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth is a passionate about the arts with an interest in education.In her spare time , she can be found reading or cooking. With a degree in English and music she has dreams of becoming a proffesional in research academia and written media.
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