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May 10, 2016
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May 12, 2016

Dear Millennials- Know The Difference

A Love Letter to the Millennial Generation,

Do you remember where you were or what you were doing when you heard the word entrepreneur for the very first time? Believe it or not, the word was not so common a few years ago but today you can’t last a whole day wi2016-02-02-1454430531-4994026-IMG_4431thout hearing it at least once. This is because everyone is a self-proclaimed ‘entrepreneur’ regardless if you have a 9-5 and a side hustle. Even the small boy who walks up to your car every morning to sell you chewing gum in the middle of the heavy traffic is an entrepreneur. Hey, why not?

We will like to blame the following quote for the sudden surge in entrepreneurs across the globe. Okay, we will like to partly blame this quote…

If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.

How did you feel just reading that? Do you feel like you are wasting your time working for someone else? Were you in a panic to suddenly stop working for someone and go focus on your dream? That’s kind of how we felt unemploymentthe first time we read the quote so we can relate.

First of all, with no skills and experience your chances of even getting a job are slim to none but that does not mean you should settle for less. Yes if you have a dream you need to work to make that dream a reality because a dream with no vision is merely just a dream. Secondly, working for someone is not a complete loss, understand the difference between ‘an employer who hires you to build their dream’ aka ‘the user’ and ‘an employer who hires you to build on your skills’ aka ‘the investor’.

The employer who hires you to build their dream will never invest his or her time, their most valuable tumblr_o52hfdYHQU1uvdobvo1_1280asset, to guide you. They will not be there when the going gets tough, to give you advice, and they will most certainly not lend themselves to help you achieve your dream. This person is not considered a mentor, a friend, or an advisor. They are out for self and it shows.

The employer who hires you to build on your skills, interests, and to develop your experience will invest his or her time and resource whether it is financial or non-financial. They will give you advice, ask about your wellbeing and even go the extra mile to spend time with you when you need it the most. They are always there to give you a helping hand and genuinely care about you the individual, your wellbeing, and your future.


Please know the difference between the two before you launch yourself into full entrepreneurship mode. Without experience and the right support, you will not be successful as an entrepreneur. So before you are quick to turn down a great employment opportunity, know the difference then react because the road to entrepreneurship takes time and dedication. It takes vision, courage, hard work, resources, mental strength, focus, dedication, leadership, patience, and discipline. Some of these skills you can only learn from others, someone willing to teach you.

Good luck in your quest!
With Love,

Team threesixtyGh

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