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How a craving for doughnuts started a business

If you crave it and can’t have it, then create it! That seems to be what moved Francis Kofigah who is an app developer to start the business of selling doughnuts.

“A special friend got me doughnuts and they tasted really good. I asked for it a second time and I was told it was finished. It was only 9am”, Francis recounted.

Francis asked for the doughnuts the third time and got the same response. Then he thought, “if doughnuts are selling this fast, then there’s got to be a business opportunity in there.”


He then decided to do some research into how to make doughnuts put a team together and Dough Man Foods started.

Dough Man got off to a slow start. The challenge at the beginning was getting people to patronise.

“First day we were wondering how we were going to sell the doughnuts. We started going to shops to get people to try it out but we got several rejections because they didn’t know the brand”.

Francis at a point felt like giving up. He felt he was investing money in a product nobody wanted. But social media would be the breakthrough. Francis and his team started posting their product on Facebook and it began to catch the eye of people.

doughman specialOver a period of three months, Francis’ business grew. His doughnuts were selling. There were lots of orders, he became overwhelmed.

Francis knew he would be an entrepreneur one day, but never did he think it would be selling doughnuts. He’s found a new passion and he’s going to take it seriously. This may just be Ghana’s Dunkin’ Donuts.

“Right now we are working on new varieties of our doughnuts that would keep our customers coming back for more,” he told Daryl Kwawu.

Article Source: Daryl Kwawu, myjoyonline.com

Image source: Face book & Google