The First Day of an Intern
June 28, 2017
Monday Musings: There Is Still Hope
July 3, 2017


Gone! The days when I was fragile

When I spoke not and never swore

When I was tiny and agile

When not a single care I bore

Gone! Her beauty and virgin days

When she slept and woke at her will

Her body contours you could trace

When both her breasts were firm and still

Gone! All of his carefree ways

When he spent his nights carousing

When crude speech was not out of place

Temperance in deeds was missing

Gone! The days when man never thought

He may have evolved from an ape

When his clever mind never sought

the notion of God, to escape

Gone! When flight was a preserve

Of birds and the daydreams of man

When ‘apple’ was just meant to serve

As the cheapest and best health plan

Gone! The mad rush for foreign lands

And the battles fought over them

When free men became forced farmhands

And people haggled over them

Gone! The days when the presidents

Of U.S.A. were only white

And the black folk, just residents

Who only dreamed of such a height

Gone!  When black meant inferior

When black meant brawn and never brain

White always meant superior

The zenith no black could attain

Time after time, the wheel of change

Has turned many stories around

Nothing’s ever out of its range

In its broad scope, all things are found

I called upon that same old wheel

To turn and improve my homeland

‘I’m only turned by men of steel’,

it replied, ’and not on demand!’

Our dialogue taught to me this

Change is never spontaneous

Mister, madam, master or miss

Of this, be not oblivious

Change is the real prerogative

Of those who are dissatisfied

Those who have the strongest motive

Are those with problems magnified

We can all bring the change we need

Indeed, we can all BE that change

Hard times will, our journey, impede

But to us, hardship is not strange

We’ll be stronger when together

Our best hope’s in one another

One lesson I learnt from weather;

Rain’s heavier when thick clouds gather

Article by J.K. Nyamson, a siro360 contributor