December 9, 2017

Why It’s Essential To Keep A To-Do List

I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more forgetful I become […]
September 14, 2017

Kenneth Agyapong: A Man with a Purpose

Kenneth Agyapong Jr, who some may know as Kenny, or Kenny Agy, like most of us, started off uncertain of what it is that he wanted to do. Little did he know he was preparing himself for his purpose. Kenny started his 1st job, well technically his 2nd job, because he recalls working at
September 4, 2017

5 Easy Tips to Help Keep Your Water Bills Low

‘Why is my water bill so high?’ is one of the frequent questions that you […]
August 28, 2017

5 Things to Do to Get Your Staff Involved in Planning an Event

As a company executive, there are times when you would need to organize an event […]
August 4, 2017

How to Make Your Embroidery Outfit Work for You

Fashion never fades!!! Every year, we get to see designers wowing crowds on the runway […]
July 25, 2017

Do Local Institutions Impact Street Vending?

Local municipal authorities are responsible for improving the living conditions of city dwellers by providing […]
July 24, 2017

Keeping a Clean Washroom at the Workplace

Have you ever witnessed the case where you went to the washroom at your workplace […]
June 20, 2017

A Day with Fashion Blogger Ramona McDermott

“My mom would allow me to spend the weekends with my aunt and she would […]
June 16, 2017

How to Conduct Yourself in Public Transport

On Phone; AMA-“Hi Adjoa, I’ve asked Kwame to bring you an amount of GHS 5000.00 […]
May 30, 2017

Appropriate Outfits for All Occasions

“Come on Claire, we are fifteen minutes late. What else are you doing in there?” […]
May 14, 2017

Here’s How To Spend Mother’s Day Without Spending

………….or just a few cedi notes. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!! Indeed, the best things in […]
May 12, 2017

Beads: A Natural Beauty

A lover of beads is one of the few things I could be described as. […]
April 18, 2017

Sanity Against Insanity

Some routes we find ourselves using on daily basis makes us sometimes wonder what this […]
April 12, 2017

Edward Enninful: Another Rolling Milestone

Time and tide they say waits for no man and even though this is true, […]
February 21, 2017

5 Ways Photography Has Changed The World

Photography has completely changed how we perceive ourselves and the world. Photographers use their cameras […]
January 31, 2017

Letter to Millennial’s: Welcome Back to School

And just like that……the days of relaxation, lazying about and fun have been taken from […]
December 31, 2016

Beware of the Illusion of New Year Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is a brilliant time to reflect on our past, track progress and […]
December 30, 2016


Christmas and boxing day might be over and yes, the Harmattan has rudely barged in […]
November 18, 2016


Everyone has their perception of how to use social media: its benefits and disadvantaged. Those […]
November 7, 2016


Career fairs happen all the time,  bringing us many opportunities to kick start an amazing […]
September 28, 2016

If You Are An Entrepreneur, These Health Issues Should Be Your Concern!

Every entrepreneur is driven by strong passion, focus and a desire for great achievement throughout […]
August 30, 2016

11 foods you should never refrigerate

In some cases, the labels on foods are clear (“Refrigerate after opening”). But often, you’re […]
October 14, 2014

An African Fashion Genius – Aisha Ayensu

“You will be a success you will make it to the top. Just stay grounded […]