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February 5, 2015

Behold the Beauty of the North – Larabanga Mosque and Mystery Stone


In the Northern Region you will find ethnic groups like Gonja, Mamprusi, Dagomba, Nanmba, Kokombas and others. The Northern Region is the biggest region in Ghana covering an area of 70,384 square kilometers with about 75% of the populace being farmers. Tamale is the capital town of the Northern Region. The upper region has contributed greatly to making Ghana a better place. One of such contributions are the numerous tourism attractions that the Northern Region offers to its native and the country as a whole, which provide a decent environment for Ghanaians to learn, relax and get to enjoy the Ghanaian heritage.

One tourist site is the Larabanga Mosque located in the Larabanga village in Northern Region. The Mosque is not only the oldest mosque in Ghana but in all of West Africa. It was founded in 1421 during the 17th Century. The Mosque has four entrances, one designated for the chief, muezzin, men, and women. Unfortunately, non-muslins are not allowed into the mosque due to how sacred it is. The Mosque also has a Holy Quran, which has lasted for over two decades, legend has it that the Quran belonged to Imam Bramah and has been used and preserved since 1947. The Larabanga Mosque is a great historic and religious site that speaks volumes of the Ghanaian heritage.

mystery rock

While in Larabanga a tourist is bound to come across the Larabanga mystery stone. According to locals, the British tried to construct a road near the Larabanga Mosque and, therefore, moved the stone, which stood in the way of constructing the road to another place. Only for the constructors to wake up the following day and see the stone at the very place they moved it from. They moved it again only for the stone to return again to its original spot. This made the constructors resolve to leave the stone at its original place and to construct the road around it. Till date the stone can still be seen at the very place it was seen centuries back.

Larabanga is a great place to visit if you are contemplating as to which place in the Northern Region you should visit. Larabanga is in the West Gonja district and its people are very friendly and hospitable. Tourist will get the chance to see the Larabanga Mosque, considered as the Mecca of Africa and a Stone, which refuses to be moved, a mysterious stone for that matter. Either by plane or road one can visit the Northern Region and pass through Larabanga Mosque and the Mystery Stone.

  • Max M

    Larabanga Mosque
    Don’t go there. Warn your friends.
    It’s a rip-off.
    Locals claim to be eco-tourims guides and bully you into giving them all sorts of “donations”. “TIA – this is Africa” they replied when we asked for any kind of proof.
    If you don’t “donate” money they grab your arms and hold on to your clothes until you do.
    This was our only disappointing experience in Ghana. Really, really sad.
    There are other such mosques along the road south west of Larabanga along the N12 on the way back to Techiman/Kumasi, equally appealing.

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