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October 6, 2015
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November 9, 2015

Aptitude Tests! Are they proof that our educational system is bogus?

Job appointments in the 21st century are hard to come by. This is because selection processes have become sophisticated from the employer and difficult for the potential employee. Some companies have as many as six recruitment phases that one must go through in order to secure a job. These selection procedures do differ from time to time and from one company to the other and sometimes even from one job position to the other. However in recent times, they have all come to have a few of these procedures and process in common, some of which are CV applications aptitude tests and interview sessions.


Curriculum vitaes and cover letters are crucial in the first phase of a recruitment process, but once you pass that hurdle the next likely thing a graduate will face is aptitude tests. Now aptitude tests are tests designed to determine a person’s ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge. It is an examination used to basically determine an individual’s propensity to succeed in a given activity. Aptitude tests assume that individuals have inherent strength and weaknesses and are naturally inclined towards success or failure in certain areas based on their inherent characteristics.

They come in all types; logical reasoning test, situational judgment test, numerical reasoning and the likes. A bank recently organized an aptitude test for graduates in Ghana. There was a lot of publicity and circulation of the exam via whatsapp and so turn up was massive as usual . From reliable sources at the head office of the bank, almost seven hundred graduates wrote the test and only nine passed the average mark required to qualify for the next stage. Shocking, I know! According to the definitions of aptitude tests in the second paragraph, whatever it is employees are looking for with these tests are innate. They are inherent; inside the candidate, so i pray to ask the big question, why do many graduates fail : aptitude tests are not taught in school. It is that Simple!



Any candidate who writes one and comes out with a failure realizes they do not know themselves, because what these tests basically want to ask and know are do you know yourself and do you have common sense. What our educational systems teach students is not to be themselves, in fact don’t get to know themsleves, study the course we gave you, be a robot, do not be creative, follow to the latter exactly what your lecturer says, do not be proactive, do not take initiatives and by all means do not think for yourself and most importantly read the text books. It is therefore no surprise that graduates come of aptitude tests exams with their head hung low and many dreams dashed.

Now for those who may not have gone through aptitude testing and  do not even know what they are. Mostly especially for those who secured their jobs through some other means other than this procedure, here is one question from a recent test of a graduate: If Degg is Boobo and tarra is kiki, is kiki Boobo? GOODLUCK!

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