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Appropriate Outfits for All Occasions

“Come on Claire, we are fifteen minutes late. What else are you doing in there?”

“Massera, the thing is I don’t know what to wear any longer. I picked some dresses yesterday but they look so dull for the occasion today. Check this one out.”

“Is this some kind of joke? You aren’t wearing that are you? What were you thinking when you picked that dress? You know what, never mind just read this article about “where to wear what” and you’ll be good to go.”

You’re probably throwing your once precious dresses at the door and on the floor because they no longer look precious or elegant for the occasion at hand. Your most stunning dress for a wedding could turn out to be your worst nightmare when worn to an interview. Nevertheless, what you wear for whatever occasion sells you out. It tells others the kind of person you are and trust me when I say you wouldn’t want to make an ill impression about yourself. Wearing the right attire to the right function is honoring and respecting the event. Well, here’s something to guide you pick the right dress for that special something.


Women: Always steer clear off the white dress on a wedding since it’s solely meant for the bride. A floor length gown or knee length dress with the provided wedding colors of the couple and a matching accessory is suitable for the ladies.

Men: Shouldn’t look bad in dark suits with dark party shoes. For men, it’s always a tuxedo or something traditional.



Women: A classic short dress preferably black with some frill and an accessory matching your mood should do.

Men: Wear a dark suit, coat and tie.


Women: Casual dress, dress pants, pencil skirts or a skirt with a nice long sleeve or three-quarter sleeve and pair with high heels.

Men: Wear a button – down or polo shirt, paired with khakis or dress pants. Add a blazer if you so desire and a tie is optional as well.



Women and Men: A tailored suit is the preferred attire for this particular occasion and a watch would suffice your look too.  If you’re at a loss as to what to wear, contact the HR of the organization as this would show that you value the principles of the organization and you’re ready to work with them as well.



Women: Wear a skirt that is below the knee and a blouse. Avoid low cut dresses or sleeveless dresses as these might contradict the morals of the ceremony.

Men: Wear a proper formal suit or of course anything traditional


Women: A pantsuit or knee length dress or the usual kaba and slit is appropriate. Not forgetting the most acceptable and safest color is black unless a color is prescribed.

Men: A dark suit which doesn’t appear festive is advisable.

After reading the article;

“Thank you so much Massera. What would I have ever done without you? This article did help me find the perfect dress for the occasion.”


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