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November 18, 2014
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A Lodge of Its Own Class – Lou Moon Lodge

Tourism has always held the potential to unlock and present to the world the great things Ghana has to offer as a country. Over the year’s government, multinationals and individuals have invested a lot into expanding the tourism potentials of this nation. This has led to the abundance of several tourism sites and places where people can visit for relaxation and pleasure. One of such places is Lou Moon Lodge; do not be misled by the name Lou Moon. It is not a destination in Asia. Lou Moon Lodge is located right here in Ghana and is built on a 24 acres land surrounded by a jungle and a forest. Lou Moon prides itself as a resort with a private beach that ensures safety for anyone that wants to engage in a great deal of swimming activities.

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Lou Moon has a variety of accommodating packages that will make anyone overstay his or her welcome once within the premises. One of such packages is the island executive package, which contains two individual executive bungalows located by the bay side and the ocean side often referred to as  “the honeymooner’s favorite”. Apart from this, visitors can also opt for a hill side accommodation facility, which includes two bungalows made of hearth located on a quiet hill. For those who love to enjoy quality foods, the Lodge offers a restaurant with a touch of class located in a garden surrounded by beaches. A forty-seat dining room is available for weddings or any corporate events.

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Naturally, most beach resorts do not bubble with a lot of activities, but Lou Moon has changed that trend by offering customers a lot of exciting activities to engage in. Visitors can choose to either swim, practice sea canoe, play volleyball, badminton and other ball related sports, swing the bats through a table tennis game, embark on an adventure to explore nature within the jungle located within the four corners of Lou Moon Lodge. Arrangements can also be made to allow visitors to embark on a day trip to interesting places close to the lodge. Especially, a trip to one of Ghana’s tropical rainforests, Ankassa, located 80km from the resort and Kakum National Park, which is 150km away. Another place available for your pleasure is a canoe trip across the Amansuri Lake, if you are interested in  visiting the village on water – Nzulezu.

Lou Moon, which is located at Axim in the Western Region of Ghana, offers visitors boundless opportunities they can pick from whenever they visit and want to have an amazing time. Visit their website to know more about how you can experience the lodge with class.

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