Merry Christmas from Zongo
December 19, 2017
Man praying during Christmas
A Christmas in Adenta – Part II
December 22, 2017

A Christmas in Adenta – Part I

Man kneeling in front of a cross

A Christmas Miracle

“Lord God, I really want to change. It’s Christmas. Please, help me. I don’t know what I wouldn’t give away to be free. Just help me. You if you didn’t listen to me in January to November, it’s Christmas, please, it’s Christmas. It’s Christmas…”

The young man knelt on the pavement, in a not so obscure place within the confines of the Lighthouse Chapel International Cathedral, Adenta Branch. The tall solar powered poles streamed light into his face illuminating the tears which flowed freely down his cheeks. It gave them a golden brilliance. In contrast, his face was dark but smooth. He had on kinky hair, neatly kept with a cream concocted from some local herbs and marijuana. He wore a simple Calvin Klein watch, the sleeves of his long-sleeved-blue shirt were folded a little up his arms revealing rich brown skin. His black trousers also belonged to one of those esteemed designers whose names alone when printed on simple cotton, cause the seed which is plucked in Africa and processed in China to get an additional value beyond reason. All other things he had on him followed similar expensive tastes. Sweat soaked his shirt wet, and he seemed to shiver in the cold, his head bobbing to and fro like a man cast in a trance as he repeated his mantra. He was too caught up in his prayer to even know he had been repeating the same statements for exactly forty-eight minutes.

“It is Christmas. Please, it’s Christmas. It’s Christmas, Jesus. It’s Christmas.”

A few curious church members sneaked a peek intermittently at the odd handsome young man who had parked the Mercedes 2016. Instead of walking up the stairs into the cathedral to find a seat in order to catch the beautiful Christmas music which was to be sung and played all night, he had proceeded no further than a few steps from his car, gone down abruptly on his knees, even as some who had caught his classy car still looked on – waiting to make out clearly what manner of man drove those wheels – and had broken into a prayer which tasted of contriteness.

When an inquisitive late church entrant asked his friend who had come in before him what it was that the strange scenario (in referring to our sorrowful handsome) outside was all about, this clueless and very imaginative friend had answered,

“Charlie Fred, this be the reason why I dey tell you say make you no do sakawa oh. We, we never go do sakawa. If e be hunger we go hung sef a, we go hung. The homie go take juju, en time catch, e be like say he no go see 2018 plus we. He do yawa. Waa see, fine boy like that. He take en fine face then fresh skin swap plus Mercedes. I sure say the priest make he drive the thing three weeks p3. See the way the car be new. You donate your life all for three weeks of wealthy living. Ah! The way hell too go hot. Chaaarlie.”

“Oh, charlie. Slow, make he go tell Bishop make them pray give am.”

Their conversation went on, veering further and further away from the true reason the man knelt amongst the floor bricks.   

Denzel Kumi wasn’t grasping at straws that night. He regularly read his Bible and did his quiet time in Secondary School, even through the University. Not that he did believe in God entirely; his opinion of the Bible had been one of respect in its reasonable instructions and profitability for reproofs. If a command was stated, he would analyze its usefulness with his mind like a scientist, and it was only when it passed his test that he went by it. His mentor in Junior High School was their neighbour, Kojo, whose surname and secondary school at the time will not be disclosed for security reasons. Noteworthy is the fact that his secondary school is amongst the top in the country. Kojo was very brilliant and had helped Denzel finish the B.E.C.E top of his class. However, Kojo wasn’t entirely professional with his mentoring. Actually, he was far from it, as he kindled and fostered an unnatural relationship viz.  

  1. After the first month of mentorship, he confessed to young Denzel, that his affections for him were of the purest of emotions and he would treat him as tenderly as anyone ever could if he would take his love as he gave it.
  2. The young Denzel whose mind was still that of an infant and had unfortunately developed this obsessive adoration for his mentor obliged willingly when he was asked not to inform his parents or anybody of his proposal at the former’s request.
  3. From a week, on to several years later, Kojo and Denzel went on to know each other in very unholy and illegal ways, all falling under the broad subject of sodomy.

Denzel was probably fated with making the decision of who to be, sexually, too early in life, an unfortunate fate if it’s to be looked at. Also maybe, he had not wholly made the decision on his own; he had been goaded into homosexuality. As years rolled on, he felt society wasn’t being fair, these homosexuals deserved their rights, he thought, but he dared not voice his opinion or even hint at the forbidden person he had become. It may be wise for the antelope to colour its back with whitewash and charcoal powder if it hopes ever to be accepted in the kingdom of the zebra. He had also come to discover that he was hardly attracted to women in a sexual way. Experientially, only two girls in life had made him turn his head. On both occasions, he couldn’t figure out what had caused it. They were beautiful and he had only so much as glanced in their direction when he had felt his attraction to them. These wonderful ladies shared another similarity, it seemed they also possessed a unique ability to vanish, and they showed this charming skill in Denzel’s presence on both occasions. He had seen them, and before he could muster his courage to approach, they had turned a curve and were no more.

When he graduated, he and Kojo, who was now married and had a son, still saw each other. They had graduated from mentor and mentee to partners in business. He was a businessman with a thriving business and partnered with Denzel when he had started at the University of Ghana in Level 100. Due to this turn of events, he made him into a rich man by the time he graduated.

Denzel had long ago concluded that the Bible’s view about homosexuality was archaic. God had instituted the rule to help in procreation. But now the earth was overpopulated. Nothing wrong if a man decided not to marry a girl. Even now, he knew of people who were so dedicated to their carriers they never married or gave birth. He felt he had a lot in common with these people. Something happened at the beginning of the year which got Denzel to review his fundamental beliefs of the Bible.

The Story Continues in the Next Part. . . Stay Tuned!