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5 Things to Do to Get Your Staff Involved in Planning an Event

As a company executive, there are times when you would need to organize an event which is calculated to give you the best shot at entering the next phase of your evolution as a business venture. On such occasions, one cannot ignore the fact that the role played by members of staff can either endanger the success story expected or enhance it. As a result, I am going to share with you what I observed during the planning and preparation process of an event held by Rite FM which I was fortunate to witness and partake in. Trust me, you would definitely pick a cue from it and hopefully apply it to that event you are having difficulty planning.


Sieve the list of your staff members and appoint at the most, a ten-member planning committee depending on the burden of work there is to do. After appointing and inaugurating them, put them in charge of the planning of the event.


Now that you have a planning committee, get them to engage all heads of management in the various departments of the company. Doing this would make it easier for you as a business owner or manager to tackle all prospects of what needs to be done since you would have tasked each department with a special assignment.


As assigned, each head of department should be able to create at least three different teams within the department, all of which would be assigned different responsibilities gearing towards achieving the main agenda of the department. The purpose of creating these teams within the department is to make sure that each member of staff in the department contributes his or her quota to the realization of the goal set. Team members should be made to appoint their own team heads and none of them should be made to feel inferior in any way as this could threaten the success of the task.


The essence of creating this team is to ensure that all plans made are properly achieved with the right processes being followed. Having this team determines on a large-scale whether the event would be successful or not. When selecting people for the financial team, one should not leave out the fact that people without financial discipline would distort the entire vision of the project. Members of this team should not be made to belong to other teams as it would demand a divided loyalty which could affect the effectiveness of work done.


It is extremely relevant that each team is made to undergo an in-house training session for the event because the last thing you want as a company on the day of the event is to realize that for example, the team in charge of seeing to the welfare of dignitaries end up making a mess out of themselves. This training is to make each team member equipped with the right training on what is expected of them on the day of the event.

Looking at the above, it is apparent that I have not exhausted all that there is to but I am certain that doing the above would ensure that all members of staff are included in the decision-making process thus making them feel significant enough to perform all roles assigned to them for the success of the prospective event.