December 9th

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The Uncomfortable Truth

It has been said that knowledge that takes you not beyond yourself can be far worse than ignorance.

The single point of view is outmoded. Africans are complex and dynamic. Our differences are staggering but we also share countless similarities.

The continent is richer and vaster than it too often seems to be. There is value in learning to see the world through the experiences of others. We tend to form clusters based on similarity and then produce stereotypes about other clusters of people. One way of transcending these cultural ghettoes is through the art of story telling. Stories cannot demolish frontiers but they can punch holes in our mental walls and through those holes we can get a glimpse of the other and sometimes even like what we see.

The mainstream news does not tell the entire story. There are too many voices, opinions, opportunities and realities that are lost and ignored because they are not easy to consume or house themes that could be considered taboo, embarrassing or just too niche to deserve an audience. Our job will include finding the unusual rebels, outcasts and unheard many, few or lone people who are ignored, taken for granted or shunned so we help them share their opinions and tell their stories.

We believe the answers we seek are a moving target and we each hold part of the key to unlocking the full potential in each other.

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