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5 Easy Tips to Help Keep Your Water Bills Low2 min read

‘Why is my water bill so high?’ is one of the frequent questions that you hear most water consumers ask. Today, we will look at a few practices to engage in that will help you minimize your water bills.

  • Tightly Closed Taps 

Always make sure your tap is closed tightly, even when water is not running out. Water meters read due to pressure so every drop of water that comes out is billed. Sometimes the air in the piping system causes the meter to read when water is not flowing and the taps are left open.

  • Close Tap During Brushing & Shaving 

When brushing your teeth or shaving, do not leave the tap running till you are done. Doing this will help you save about 200 gallons of water per month.

  • Report & Repair Leakages 

Any leakage that you find within your piping system should be reported and repaired immediately, especially leakages after your water meter. Also, make sure that all dripping taps are repaired straight away. On the average, a dripping tap with five drops per minute can result in the loss of 20 gallons of water per month, which you will pay for anyway.

  • Close Shower Taps Intermittently 

Do not leave the shower running from the start of bathing till the end. Close the tap when you are not using the water. Also, using a shower has been found to be more efficient than using a Jacuzzi.

  • Use High-Pressure Cisterns For Your Toilets 

The higher the pressure released by the cistern, the lesser the quantity of water used during flushing. It is also advisable to use a dual flush compared to the traditional 7-litre cistern flush. Using a dual flush can help you save about 80 litres of water per day.

Practising these five simple and easy steps will help you reduce your water bills significantly and also save water that will help other people have access to water, which is valuable to life.


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